Special international flights from India resume! Who can fly, when will normal travel be possible

While international air travel has been suspended in India for a long time, some international flights are ready to take off now under special operations.While the government has allowed people to travel to these countries, there is a catch, according to the report. The first criteria for travelling from India is that before making any flight reservations, people have to confirm that they will be allowed entry into the destination country. This might be problematic for Indian nationals travelling to European countries. The EU has not yet allowed inbound travel from India depending on the current status of Coronavirus transmission in the country. In two lists of the countries (from where passengers can be allowed to enter) taken out by the EU, India’s name did not come. In such a scenario, it becomes problematic for passengers boarding from India.

Every year this would have been the peak holiday season now that’s not going to be the case due to covid-19

The traditional summer vacation — the longest holiday period for many because of the academic calendar in India — has been thrown out of gear and the industry is at a loss over how to mitigate the crisis.

Your dream European trips will become more expensive

As per the reports the Finance Minister has imposed a 5% tax on foreign travel packages bought from tour operators with effect from 1 April. Tour operators are liable to charge the amount as TCS when the package is bought. If PAN or Aadhaar is not produced by the buyer, the TCS will be charged at 10%. The Budget 2020-21 has also mandated a 5% tax collection at source for remittances of over ₹7 lakh.

Even if the buyer is being asked to pay the TCS upfront, his or her overall tax burden in a year will remain the same as the TCS amount will be set off against the overall annual tax outgo. Directionally, it looks like that money flowing out of India is being taxed in the form of remittances or travel.

Passengers will have to undergo a covid test before travelling to to Ireland

Passengers travelling to Ireland may have to undergo a Covid-19 test before they depart, transport officials have said.Ken Spratt, acting secretary general at the Department of Transport, said that officials are ramping up measures to monitor people arriving in to Ireland.

Air taxis are becoming a new way to travel under low cost than we anticipated

The cost-sharing system allows pilots to indulge in their passion for flying, while passengers enjoy exciting journeys to parts of the UK as well as Europe including France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

Among the more exotic options on offer is a day trip to Antwerp in Belgium from North Weald Airfield in Essex. The flight on a Diamond DA-42 Twin Star, four-seater, twin engine propeller plane, costing £312 per person, crosses the North Sea before touching down at a small airfield. After sightseeing, the pilot arranges lunch at a 17th-century coaching house, before flying back.