DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Compatibility: Smartphone (62 to 88mm width) | Stabilization: 3-axis | Weight: 405g | Dimensions: Unfolded: 285 x 125 x 103mm, Folded: 157 x 130 x 46mm | Battery life (approx): 15 hours

The Osmo Mobile’s spring-loaded clamp effortlessly accommodates even the largest phones, and its gimbal arm can rotate through 90 degrees for seamless switching between landscape and portrait orientation.

Construction is plasticy, but the Osmo still feels like a quality product, and the nicely sculpted ergonomic handle is comfortable for prolonged use. Comfort is further helped by the low 405g – 80g less than the Osmo Mobile 2 – which is all the more impressive given this new Osmo now has a hinged gimbal arm so it folds smaller for transportation.

There are few physical buttons, but the Osmo is crammed with features. Not only will it automatically detect when you intend to pan and tilt the camera and smooth this motion while still very effectively ironing out unintentional twitches, you can also choose between modes like Walk and Sport to adjust the intensity of the stabilisation. There’s even an option called Active Track, whereby the gimbal will automatically track a moving subject for you, with customizable tracking sensitivity.

Much of this functionality is accessed via the free companion DJI Mimo app that connects your phone to the Osmo via Bluetooth. This also enables you to zoom your phone’s camera using the physical zoom slider on the gimbal handle.

Amazing battery life
Strong but lightweight foldable build
Effective, highly customizable stabilization
Initial app set-up and connection takes time
No camera-swapping while recording

Prices Known
Note: Prices may vary by time,location and specs used.

DJI Inspire 2

Weight: 3440g | Controller: Yes | Camera resolution: 30MP | Battery Size: 4280mAh | Range: 7 km

Soundly knocking its predecessor off the top spot is the highly impressive Inspire 2. With a sleek metal composite bodywork upgrade, it’s a much more attractive piece of kit. What’s more, with more advanced object avoidance technology you don’t have to worry about that beautiful body getting scratched by you accidentally clipping a tree.

You get more than 25 minutes of flight time out of the twin-battery arrangement, and the ability to swap camera lenses means that professional photographers and videographers have complete control over their images and 5K video.

The fully-featured smartphone app and dedicated remote control make this drone incredibly easy to control, but make no mistake, this is a professional piece of kit.

Amazing build quality
Good battery life
Plenty of features
Quite pricey

Prices Known
Note: Prices may vary by time and location