DJI Osmo Pocket

Compatibility: N/A | Stabilization: 3-axis | Weight: 116g | Dimensions: 122 x 29mm x 37mm | Battery life (approx): 140 mins

When even phone vlogging with a suitable gimbal is too bulky, then check out the Osmo Pocket. This incredible feat of miniaturisation is about the size of a chocolate bar, yet it’s a gimbal and camera in one, and contains its own rechargeable battery.

Camera specs are also impressive, with the 1/2.3-inch sensor able to record 4K/60fps video at 100Mbps, and snap 12MP stills. In fact the only number that isn’t high is the fairly low 140-minute battery life, but a smaller battery helps keep weight down to just 116g, and this is a device intended for short clip vlogging, not Hollywood movie-making.
Default video quality is sharp, vibrant and well exposed in outdoor and well-lit indoor environments. Only in very low light does quality suffer noticeably. Stabilisation quality is superb, with different stabilization modes selectable via the tiny on-board touchscreen monitor. These include DJI’s nifty ActiveTrack automatic subject following, which changes to FaceTrack when you flip the camera head into selfie mode.

Video is recorded on a MicroSD card and you can shoot right away with no app installation or pairing required, though DJI’s Mimo app can be used for quick video edits.

  • Camera and gimbal in one
  • Super-small and super-convenient;
  • Impressive video and stabilization quality 
  • Outlay only makes sense if you need max portability / don’t already own another video camera

Prices Known
Note: Prices may vary by time,location and specs used.

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