Travel Cuts 01 Open roads and Open Life by Andrew Evens

Travel cuts is series of travel videos showing experience of different travellers from all around the world. Travel cuts highlights the key points that has been said  by the traveller. We also add an uplifting music to get an inspirational momentum.
Andrew Evans is a writer and traveler who explores the world in the modern context. As National Geographic’s “Digital Nomad,” Andrew uses new technology to experience the world in the old-fashioned manner: with rich observation and the joy of uncertainty. As a contributing editor at National Geographic Traveler Evans travels the globe, creating interactive travel experiences for readers through the internet, digital mapping and social media. In 2009, Evans rode from Washington to Antarctica—primarily by bus—sharing the uncharted 12,000-mile journey with his readers in real-time online. In 2010, he embarked on a 2-month, 20,000-mile journey around Australia for National Geographic. In 2011, he crossed the Atlantic by ship, and reported on an unknown oil spill from the world’s remotest island. Evans is the author of four books, including bestselling guidebooks to Ukraine and Iceland. Andrew lives in Washington, DC but works mainly in hotels, airports and on airplanes.

You can know more about the original ted talk from here

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