Top 5 amazing facts regarding Norway

1, The Lofoten archipelago in Norway is north of the Arctic Circle. However, due to the unique and unusually warm climate of Lofoten, it is home to the world’s largest deep-water coral reef, called the Røst Reef. Lofoten is also the most northerly location in the world with above freezing year-round temperatures.

2, Norway’s Public Roads Administration is proposing the world’s first floating underwater tunnel. It’s a whopping $25 billion project that would allow vehicles to travel under the Norwegian Sea, avoiding driving around the countries more than a thousand fjords and the amazingly long 21-hour drive and 8 ferry crossings along the Norwegian coastline.

3, Do you know those crazy Instagram photos you’ve seen with someone balancing on the edge of a cliff jutting out from a mountainside? They’re likely taken at Norway’s Trolltunga (or Troll’s Tongue in English), which is 2,300 feet (700 meters) above the north side of lake Ringedalsvatne.


4, Norway also has an impressive collection of waterfalls, with the 6 highest waterfalls in all of Europe. Norway’s highest waterfall, Vinnufossen is 2,820 feet (860 meters) tall and is the sixth highest in all the world.

5, For those of us who love both chocolate and cool facts about Norway, this next one is a winner. As previously mentioned, Norway is also well-known for its chocolate. One of Freia’s most famous factories that makes hot chocolate, inspired Roald Dahl to write his famous book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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