5 facts regarding the worlds titans the Himalayas

All these years the Himalayas are standing us the titans of the world when comes to the tallest mountains here are 5 interesting facts regarding the Himalayas.
1, Acting us a wall made by nature: The Himalayas serve as the natural barrier and separate the Indian Continent and Tibet. The majority of the Himalayan regions form a part of India.
2, Himalayas are moving towards Asia day by da: Scientific studies say that the Himalayas are moving towards Tibetian regions because of the tectonic plates.
3, It lies below the sea level: Scientific research says that the Himalayas were formed out of the separation of Indo-Australian tectonic plate. Interestingly, the marine limestone at the base of Mount Everest proved that the Himalayas were below the sea level some 50 million years
4, The Himalayas covers 6 countries: Though the major part of the Himalayan ranges lies in India, it is spread across other countries namely Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Tibet Autonomous Region and People’s Republic of China.
5, The tales of Yeti: Tales of missing people and deaths in the Himalayan trails are often connected with Yeti. The legend has it that he is a wild snowman who creates a lot of disturbances and also kills people. However, Yeti has more or less become like a ghost without any scientific evidence.
The Himalayas
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